A colorful table setting for a wedding with flowers
a pregnant woman holding pink baby shoes infront of her belly
three brunette bridesmaids in cream colored dresses and a bride laughing together infront of a red brick wall, holding bouquets of red, pink, and white roses
a mom and dad holding their two year old son all laughin
a couple, a woman in a long red dress, and a man in a suit, walking across a street with Christmas decorations all around
a family a five, 2 boys, 1 girl, and the parents walking and laughing with nature in the background
a couple with their black and white dog, laughing together

How would I describe my style?
a picture of a mother holding her newborn on her bed with the word natural across the picture a bride ad groom with their noses touching and smiling at eachther with a bouquet of pink, red and white roses in the foreground with the word romantic across the picture family of five making silly faces with the word fun across the picture
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seven month old Ellis sitting on a bed wrapped in a yellow duck towel A dad kissing a mom's temple while she is holding their 2 month old son, who is looking at the camera 8 month old ellis in a santa outfit, beard and all a 2 year old boy kissing his mom on the cheek while she is smiling big 8 month old ellis holding onto the crib, standing up